HALTO will turn your creative ideas into exceptional achievements!

For more than 30 years, the HALTO brand has dedicated its work to light designers, visual artists, scenographers, and event agencies. The HALTO brand is the result of the work of light specialists, who create and design products that specifically meet the needs and requirements of your projects.

Based on its experience, HALTO provides custom-designed lighting!
To YOUR measure!


Product Series


Our spotlights achieve high saturation levels and exceptional color mixing. Their different filters offer several opening angles, to best suit the desired effect. The controllable system section allows for a more artistic effect to the architectural highlighting.


As a new generation of linear wall washer, the BAR series exist in 3 versions from 9 to 27 LEDs. The IP66 Bars are designed as a flexible solution to highlight a large variety of outdoor building structures.


Designed for in-ground or in-wall installations. Equipped with customized optics to create optimum performance, delivering both perfect color mixing and high output. The IP67 housing and the IK10 protection index allow installation in a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications.


Ideal for projecting images on buildings or any other outdoor medium. The different gobo effects, CMY, prism, frost and zoom offer a very interesting short and long-distance projection, a tool for enhancing buildings, theme parks, commercial centers, historical monuments, etc.


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Custom-designed Products

Mechanical "custom-design"

HALTO creates your projectors from a mechanical design perfectly suited to your achievements

Environmental "custom-design"

HALTO creates any type of projector for integration, perfectly suited to the constraints of the environment in which it will be used

Aesthetic "custom-design"

HALTO offers solutions in accordance with the aesthetic requirements of your projects

Energetic “custom-design”

HALTO adapts the power supply of its projectors to all the normative constraints of your project

Connection "custom-design"

HALTO offers a wide choice of connectors to facilitate the installation and maintenance of your equipment

Home automation "custom-design"

To control your HALTO projectors, choose the best suited lighting automation standard

Light "custom-design"

HALTO integrates in its projectors only the light sources you need,
using the most recent technologies

Optical "custom-design"

HALTO offers optics totally adapted to produce perfect illumination on the desired area

Normative "custom-design"

HALTO designs products that meet the standards and normative classifications required for installations and provides the documents necessary for their approval